How Virid Helps Fast Fashion Retailers Grow [Case Study]

How Virid Helps Fast Fashion Retailers Grow [Case Study]
March 18, 2019 Rachel Hobble
Windsor Fashion eCommerce product page

Since its start in 1999, Virid has helped numerous fast fashion retailers successfully grow their eCommerce businesses. When one fast fashion client switched to Virid’s eCommerce platform, marketAgility, their sales grew 106% in one week.

Virid’s experience working with retailers like A’GACI and Windsor has uniquely positioned the team to solve fast fashion business challenges and identify key opportunities to further these retailers’ growth.

The Fast Fashion Profile: 

For many fast fashion retailers, high inventory volume and churn rates create a need for more merchandising power and inventory syncing capabilities. The intense pace of the industry puts pressure on retailers to continuously update their eCommerce sites with new product information and promotions, forcing retailers to rely heavily on speed and efficiencies in their back-end systems.

Most fast fashion retailers also tend to target a younger demographic–digitally-savvy mobile shoppers who engage with brands on social media and often look to user-generated content from influencers and other consumers to guide their purchase decisions.

Virid’s Comprehensive Solution for Fast Fashion Retailers: 

Over the years, the Virid team has added numerous functionalities to marketAgility to meet specific needs for fast fashion retailers. Today, all Virid clients benefit from the platform’s merchandising power features like bulk product actions, targeted workflows, detailed reports, and content automation. The platform also enables new sales opportunities with fully administrable Flash Sales and the ability to ‘Shop by Store’, a feature that many other eCommerce platforms cannot fully support. These features open up new ways for brands to delight their customers and create a true omnichannel shopping experience.

Fast fashion clients like Windsor, who are targeting the young, digitally-savvy market, also leverage Revere, Virid’s ratings and reviews platform, to add social proof to their product pages and give consumers the confidence to make a purchase. Virid’s partner program also provides fast fashion retailers access to dozens of best-of-breed third-party vendors, ranging all the way from fulfillment solution providers to marketing firms, allowing retailers to build out their tech stack with thoroughly vetted vendors that they can trust.

However, the key integrations for fast fashion will always be with product management/inventory management systems, to keep products moving and inventory accurate. Virid has built custom integrations with an extensive range of these systems, from real time APIs to legacy file-based feeds with systems like Aptos, KWI, SAP, NetSuite, and even custom systems like JASCI, Jesta, Oracle Commerce, Resale World, and JDA. If the right integration does not exist to meet a client’s needs, Virid’s experienced in-house senior development team can make that connection happen.

Virid’s comprehensive solution provides a one-stop shop to enable fast fashion retailers to win at eCommerce. For more information on how Virid can help your business grow, contact


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